About Us


Atus Design is a unique, results-oriented full service product design and development consulting firm, located in Tampa area, state of Florida. Whole working philosophy of Atus Design has been molded around constant innovating, focusing on inventing, creative problem-solving, aesthetic and technical approach to design in which conceptual exploration is combined with a three-dimensional design and engineering processes and the realities of costs of tooling, sourcing and manufacturing.

Our Forte - Innovation And Patentability

One of the strongest levers of a newly developed product on a market is its ability to be innovative enough to secure a solid utility patent and thus to eliminate or at least significantly limit competition from occupying the same market space. “Hard” innovation means development of completely new products and technologies. “Soft” innovation” implies a fresh look at the existing company products and processes. We offer both “hard” and “soft” innovations in various forms.
We also offer to our clients patentability evaluation, patent database search and help to prepare and file PPA (Provisional Patent Application) with USPTO.
Some of our corporate clients come with solid sourcing experience, but have no experience in tooling and manufacturing. We provide support in bringing them to right OEM manufacturers, monitor and educate such clients about production pitfalls, cost estimations, quality control set up (QC) and quality assurance (QA) set up during initial stages of manufacturing.

 Atus Design Founder

Atus Design was founded in 2009 by Gennadi Fedorov, who had graduated in 1991 from Mukhina Institute of Art and Design in St. Petersburg,  Russia and holds a Masters Degree in Industrial Design. Gennadi Fedorov is author of 14 US patents and 6 more pending patent applications. He possesses considerable skills & expertise based on over 25 years of successful design, manufacturing, sourcing and tooling experience in Russia, Israel, Canada, USA, China, Hong Kong, Portugal and other corners of the world.