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Conceptual Design Of F-35 Jet Educational Toy

A while ago I have designed a concept of F-35 fighter jet innovative toy in 3-D and explored possibility to create a toy which would educate kids about how jet fighter plane operates. This toy would have movable parts: ailerons, flaps, air intakes, rotating jet engine fan blades and so on. This way kids could learn from early age how airplane is designed and why and how it flies, how aerodynamics works, what is a “lifting force”, “thrust”, “carrying surface load”, “airfoil” and so on.

I have two quite opposing feelings about military technology –  I am fascinated with its sophistication and simplicity co-existing side-by-side. Yet, I have EVERYTHING connected with military and idea of war machine. Yes, everything military is a war machine for me and this machine is such that it cannot stay asleep. Not for long. It must constantly exercise and pump its muscle and as a result people’s lives are lost, twisted and broken.

So, this project was abandoned in a favor of similar but a lot more pleasant representative of aviation – Yellow Cub.

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