Electric Can Opener

Patented Battery-Operated Can Opener
Can opener was designed and engineered in cooperation with SNS Design company in New York City, founded by talented designer Nisha Sawhney. In fact, project was initiated with SNS Design, when Nisha was contacted by three partners and owners of “No Mess Press, LLC.”, and was asked to develop a unique patentable can opener with mechanical press, which would allow a user to open can, drain liquid content and dispose of the lid without touching the can and avoiding smell of such products as tuna on users’ hands. Nisha Sawhney created several design concepts of can opener and contracted Atus Design to develop and engineer mechanical “guts” of the main mechanisms and lid press.



Engineering of mechanical setup of this item had several challenges. First and foremost was to keep cost down while using two electric motors, each driving its own gearbox. Both motors had to produce considerable forces and at the same time not drain rechargeable battery too fast. One motor had to drive can rotation, overcoming resistance of stationery cutting blade. Second motor had to push press plunger with at least 12 pounds of force. And both functions had to be done with a reasonable speed – not too fast and not too slow.

Packing motors, batteries, gears and PCB chips into a handheld device is always a challenge, since device itself has to work pretty much in a human hand of any type: small, large, man’s or woman’s, left and right. Then comes designing and positioning of buttons and latches in such a way that users can hold item in their hand and comfortably and intuitively operate its components.