One of the strongest levers of a newly developed product on a market is its ability to be innovative enough to secure a solid utility patent and thus to eliminate or at least significantly limit competition from occupying the same market space. This is achieved by “thinking out of the box”, by fresh look at the task at hand, by either finding new application for existing technologies or creating new technologies or combination of both. “Hard” innovation means development of completely new products and product categories. “Soft” innovation” implies a fresh look at the existing company products and processes. We offer both “hard” and “soft” innovations in various forms:
  • Assistance in preparation and filing Provisional Patent Application.
  • Analysis of the field, analogs and competition
  • Review of new and current technologies to determine new technological applications.
  • Broad research of strongest technological applications and gaps, which could be filled with new and innovative solutions.
  • Preliminary research of USPTO patent database to determine concepts’ patentability.
  • Development of new product concepts by re-inventing design, function, user interaction, ergonomics.
  • Development of new products by creating new technologies, or blending and using existing technologies in a new and unusual way.
  • Assistance in patent application and follow-up process.