Product Design


Product design and development process begins with immersing in the world of the user and the product, in experiencing interaction between a user or consumer and future product. We start this process via 2D sketches, 2D layouts, ergonomics and specific industry trend studies and preliminary 3D CAD modeling and rendering. Next step is to bring ideas to preliminary physical experience through foam or paper models, mock-ups and even SLA rapid prototypes . Bringing tactile experience early in the process ensures proper choice of the best ergonomic and visual concept. During that stage we perform and provide:

  • Human factors analysis
  • Sketch concept generation
  • Hand rendering
  • Rough mockups
  • Concept and aesthetic refinement for presentation
  • Rough CAD layouts

We also use our in-house 3-D printing capabilities to print preliminary models for review with clients and evaluate size, shape, ergonomics and fit of future products.

During next and more advanced step we refine and finalize design and start implementing engineering parameters and we produce tooling and mold-ready CAD parts and assemblies with all neccessary tolerances, draft angles, shut-offs and other technical details which are important for cutting steel and building cost-effective production molds.

Some customers and clients already have their own manufacturing facilities or partnering factories. We work with them to implement designed and engineered items into production.

Other clients do not have such facilities and in such cases we take them to ours, which are located in Donguan, Southern province of China.