Retail Equipment

Retail Products and Equipment

Gennadi Fedorov was designing and developing retail products and equipment for several years, so, this thematic portfolio came out quite sizable. Variety of developed products include such items as safety belts for carts and design of their locking buckles, shopping carts, strollers and baskets, attachments to shopping carts and protective equipment for providing protection to merchandise.


Pallette Guards

Pallette Guards were designed for stores which place some of their merchandise on the floor on wooden or plastic pallets. These are most of the time large club stores, such as Sam’s Club, BJ’s, Costco and large supermarkets, such as Shop Rite, Whole Foods. Shopping customers often are not being careful enough and ram merchandise displayed on pallettes  with carts, breaking or damaging it.
Pallette Guards were plastic panels with adjustable length, interlocking with each other either in a straight fashion or at 90 degree angle, which would form a protective barrier around  They created immediate cleaner look to the store, and provided additional space for advertisement.

GeoBins (retail display)

GeoBins were free-standing displays of various geometrical shapes. Their objectives were to make product displayed and available for pick-up by shoppers, keep displayed products at high visibility and also to use smartly available surfaces for advertising other products of deals of the products inside each bin. They were also collapsible into a completely flat shape and were taking very small space in storage, required next to non maintenance and did not cost much to produce.

Child Carrier Designs

Many shoppers come to store with children. Some of them have no problem shopping and deal with their kids. For other, though, this could be a very challenging task. Kids in general love to visit stores with their parents. The problem is that they get bored too fast. Large line of the products we designed was created to solve this problem to certain degree. One approach was to keep children occupied with play while their parent do their shopping. Yes, this was done before by introducing play zones in large shopping malls, where parents could leave their children to play under supervision of professional adult guides. Our approach was different – we wanted kids to play while staying always with their parents.

Prototyping Child Carrier
Child carrier like any product had to be prototyped and tested for ergonomic and safety parameters.
Shopping Carts & Shopping Baskets
Even large stores have issue of keeping and maintaining their fleet of shopping carts. There are also certain standards which stores must meet and maintain – such as, ratio between distance between their isles and width of shopping carts and these carts’ ability to make sharp turns. The less space stores have – the smaller their carts get. Have you ever been in Europe? Noticed how most of their shopping carts have all four wheels pivoting? This is because almost everything in Europe is considerably smaller than in USA or Canada. Including stores and isle width. These carts may be harder to keep rolling straight, but they are a lot easier to use in tight corners.

Some stores prefer to keep two types of shopping carts – larger for shoppers who came to buy a lot of products or bulky products and smaller carts for those who come into a store just to grab few small everyday necessities.