Our team has extensive experience designing all sorts of toys, games and activities for kids, from tabletop board games to robotic and electronic toys and RC (Radio-Control) flying toys.

Founder of Atus Design LLC, Gennadi Fedorov, worked with Canadian and US toy manufacturers since 1996. These companies include AMAV in Montreal, Hedstrom in Chicago, Rose Art in New Jersey, Horizon Group USA, Briarpatch, Cra-Z-Art. He created many outstanding toys, which were manufactured and sold across North America and in Europe. He created “Magnamen” series of magnetic robotic toys, which had a tremendous success. 

Toys designed by Atus Design team can be found at almost any large toy retailer outlet: Walmart, Toys-R-Us, Target. Another great success was a Nascar rid-in electric car for kids. It was designed and engineered for Canadian company AMAV and had unique design features which allowed to pack car parts in a more compact box, yet assembly was very simple, all based on snaps and any parent could put car together in few minutes without any tools. 

Another our FORTE – design and engineering of unique creative toys and educational and developmental games and activities for kids. These toys vary from cimple paper cutouts to advanced electronic toys with interactive interface and wireless communication.